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"You provided us with such a wonderful service, you made my wedding day even more special. Thank you Heather for helping me with my vows".

-Christy J.
Seattle, WA
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wedding officiant, Hillsboro, OR
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Welcome to The Wedding Officiant

Welcome to The Wedding Officiant Site. I have designed this site to introduce myself to the Portland Community. My name is Heather Ann Mack and I perform non-denominational wedding ceremonies individually designed for each couple.

Wedding Rings

Heather Ann M. Mack
Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies
Wedding Officiant, Pre-marital Counseling, Spiritual Director

Congratulations on your engagement!!!

A couple's wedding day is the beginning of a married life. I treasure working with couples to help them create the vows that will be the foundation of their daily lives.

If couples desire they may meet with me for pre-marital counseling to assist the individuals vocalize their core values to each other and form common threads with which to weave their lives together.

Wedding Vows, Wedding Ceremony

I perform secular and spiritual ceremonies that are created and chosen with the couple reflecting their traditions, values and dreams.

"To live in dialogue with another is to live twice. Joys are doubled by exchange and burdens are cut in half." Wishart